Be The Center of Your Universe

Are you feeling tired, anxious, depressed? Do you feel challenged just to get through the day? You are not alone. We can all relate to the turmoil that is currently going on in the world. We are all touched by it. 

Online Course New
Online Course New

I’m Wilson Cheung and I once suffered greatly from depression and anxiety. I’ve put together this unique program to help guide you from where you are today to how you want to feel instead —If you are wanting to feel at peace and a sense of calm, I can show you how. No matter what is going on around you or what circumstances you are experiencing, it is possible, even if you are feeling scared and lost.

Online Course New

I will teach you to build that sense of wholeness and purpose and get your joy back. I will guide you to feel a connection with all of life and start to develop that trust within yourself and your inner core.

I promise this program will guide you on your life journey to a place where you will genuinely feel that everything is actually ok.

Online Course New
Online Course New

This Course will:

  • Trigger profound internal shifts within you
  • Guide you to becoming more resilient, centered, well and whole despite any challenges that life brings
  • Provide profound healing meditations
  • Introduce special technique for sustained deep centering

This course is designed for you to set your own pace. It consists of 21 lessons, which are 10 minutes on average. The total course covers nearly 4 hours of content and this includes bonuses for further healing and growth.

I’ve been practicing Buddhism and meditating for about 2.5 years so many of these principles luckily were familiar to me. Often times in my practice when I’m helping others I will get the question,  “but what if I don’t believe?” Or my child might say I can’t accept  the other parts of myself.

What I liked very much about this program was the standing meditation. Because this is some thing that I could have a client or a friend seeking help do that would shift their centeredness even if they were not yet a believer in this philosophy.

Some of the great highlights to learn of this program is that you are connected, and that there is continuous guidance; that there is a wholeness within yourself and that all is well;  that you have a deep connection with your inner core.

This would be an excellent course for any person to take who does not understand how to love themselves or even begin to feel how being centered could help them manage the difficulties of life. I would highly recommend this to my friends and family!

Tamara Effronter – Meditation Leader

I found the course very interesting and was excited to start.  Wilson Cheung’s voice is very calming and I felt relaxed straight away.  I believe that I am special, that all that comes to me is a gift and the center of the universe lives inside me.  I am worthy just as I am.  These all are powerful beliefs and I realized they are all true of me.  I am worthy!  I am a gift to this world!  

I liked the meditation.  I haven’t meditated before for any length of time.  His voice helped me to relax and be in a calm and stable state.  I now know how to calm down with my breathing.

Carole Martins – Oregon, USA

This course really widened my perspective on the value we have in living each and every day. The grounding exercises and meditations allowed me to take a much-needed breath and find a place of relaxation. I really enjoyed the peace this course brought me and I hope it inspires others just as much.

Payton Major – Broadcaster