Spirituality for REAL: Beyond the Incense and Meditation

In this book, Wilson Chueng takes you on a journey that shows you how spirituality has everything to do with everyday life.

The author, Wilson, also known as WakunDaMa, introduces you to Mind, Body and Spirit and how they have a much more profound day-to-day impact on your life than you might think. 

Wilson applies his natural scientific skepticism that he grew up with in order to reveal things in a way that allows beginners or skeptics of spirituality to start to see a new world open up.

Wilson also provides longtime spiritual practitioners further enlightenment. He takes the approach of not accepting things because someone else says it, but instead taking time to figure out things for oneself, using common sense and basic instinct. Wilson uses drawings to drive home difficult concepts and he includes well-presented WakundaMa® Yoga sessions that can be an enormous benefit to readers. Included with this book is over 1 hour and 13 minutes of the new Crying Meditation and Physical Movement videos that are available online at the website wakundama.com. 

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