Spirituality for REAL: Finding Strength when Reality Seems Unkind

In this book, Wilson Chueng takes you on a journey that shows you how spirituality has everything to do with everyday life.

This is the second book in the Spirituality for REAL series. Book two puts forth more progressive spiritual concepts that dive further into addressing the everyday struggles of fear, pain, and adversity in life. 

In book two, Wilson uses careful contemplation to arrive at rather surprising findings on how life works. To get to a place of spirituality, Wilson doesn’t just accept findings from someone else, he goes on his own to develop and refine them with his own personal experiences. He has personally contemplated what he has uncovered with great attention, exploration, patience, and tenderness to tease out what exactly each principle is at work. 

A popular trend in self-help and life coaching is the idea that a key path to success is to find ways to immerse ourselves in positivity while removing negativity. This is sometimes referred to as the “Law of Attraction.”

This book introduces a newer and kinder version of the “Law of Attraction” where the concept of positivity versus negativity dissolves. The truth is that all things that come to you are gifts and you don’t need to do anything special to realize this. At times you may not like the gifts that are coming to you, but that’s because you don’t realize yet how special and perfect the gifts actually are. 

There is an irony in life that the harder you try to achieve something, the less success you will have. Then when you finally give up in frustration, it suddenly comes to you in abundance. Once you can make the journey within yourself, you will start to see you have nothing to change to achieve success. Once you realize this you are able to let go, relax, and ease into synchronicity with REAL life. The final irony that is hard for most all to see, realize and accept is that you are already doing everything right, but until you can come to realize this it will NOT be right. Once you realize it, your purpose and divine purpose will be aligned. Then rather unexpectedly you will see how all that has happened was perfect and that all is well. 

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